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A truly delightful large pot with a ‘swag’ of citrus fruits and leaves decorating its sides in an homage to all those classic Italian pots. This heavy, solid planter once planted, is unlikely to be affected by wind so you won’t have to worry too much about it blowing over.

The decoration on the pot lends it to looking great planted with an orange lemon, or even a more unusual grapefruit perhaps. But it will also look fabulous with any item of topiary such as a box ball or spiral, perhaps a lollipop bay tree.

The material it is made from is a mix of clays from the southern delta region of Vietnam. The artisans that make the pots need years of experience as there no machines used. What can look to the outside observer as a crude method of fabrication, is in fact highly skilled. Each piece is individual and the variation in colouring comes from the traditional wood fired kilns, subtle differences are caused by the difference in temperature depending on the positioning in the kiln.

Care taking when planting up will help to make sure the healthy growth of the plant so always use a fresh bag of quality compost, plenty of drainage such as crock, stones or gravel in the bottom.

If you want you can stand the pot on 3 decorative pot feet which will make it look good, and help with drainage in the winter which is always a good idea.


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Dimensions 64 × 51 cm

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D64 X H51 cm, D46 X H41 cm, D34 X H32 cm