Apricot Pot Rustic – large frost-proof planter


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Large planters don’t come any more elegant than this delightful pot from Vietnam. As with all of our giant planters, it is manufactured in Vietnam from a dense, heavy clay, and as it is fired to around 1200 degrees centigrade, is entirely frost-proof.

The delicate motif is an Apricot flower, and hence it gets its name.

Available in 3 sizes it’s wide shape makes it extremely stable and unlikely to blow over in the wind.

Perfect for large trees and shrubs, or of you feel like it, you can plant it up seasonally with summer bedding, or winter pansies, and why not undersow with autumn and spring bulbs to give an all year round display.

Using the pot singly means you can put it anywhere, but they also look great in pairs either side of gates or doors, at the end of paths, or around a patio. If you buy a complete set, you can use them as a cluster of pots to create a mini planting area.

When planting, make sure to put a good layer of broken pot, gravel or some sort of drainage material at the bottom of the pot. That way it will aid the drainage and promote a healthy growing environment for the plant, whilst also helping to protect the pot from harsh winters.

For added effect, you can lift the pot up off the ground by using 3 decorative feet. This will make the planted pot more attractive, and again it will help to aid the drainage of the pot.


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Dimensions 86 × 60 cm

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D66 X H48 cm, D39 X H37 cm, D86 X H60 cm