Jar Rustic




The proportions of this large pot are what makes it so appealing. Its design is plain and simple, but the shape of its belly, and the ratio of its width to height is perfect. Whatever you choose to plant in it can’t fail to compliment it, and the overall look is guaranteed to look fabulous. They are often used with a medium sized palm tree, but really, any shrub or small tree will look great in it.

The pot originates from Vietnam where they have a history of producing large pots from the local clays which are dense and when fired in their traditional wood-burning kilns, produce a frost proof pot ideally suited to the severe winters we often have in the northern semi-sphere.

However, it always pays to play safe when it comes to ceramic pots, so always use plenty of drainage material such as broken crock in the bottom of the pot before adding a good quality compost. That way the drainage will be improved and reduce the water content which is the main cause of frost damage.

Raising the pot up off the ground by standing it on 3 decorative pot feet, will also help to increase the drainage. The air gap it creates allows air to flow underneath the pot and keeps the bottom dry. It also, of course adds charm and beauty to the overall look of the planted combination.


Additional information

Dimensions 65 × 69 cm



D65 X H69 cm, D47 X H50 cm