Plain Wavy Rim Rustic




At just a few inches shy of 3 feet in diameter, this extra large planter is at the top end of the size scale. Its simplicity of shape and design, and its lack of ornamentation mean it is well suited to any style of garden, of any size and in any location. Its size also means you will be able to plant large shrubs and trees in it in order to make a statement piece and create impact in your garden.

Created by highly skilled potters in southern Vietnam where they have been making extra large pots for years, it is also a pot you can have confidence in. Confidence that it is ok to leave it out in all weathers, even our harsh winters. This confidence comes from the fact that the 3 clays used in its manufacture are very strong, and also that after it is formed, the pot is then fired in traditional wood burning kilns that reach temperatures of around 1000-1200 degrees centigrade. At this point, the pot becomes frost proof.

Extra protection can be gained by adding plenty of broken crock to the bottom of the pot before adding the compost. It is also a good idea to stand the pot on some pot feet to give it more height and allow the air to circulate around the base keeping it dry and preventing the pot from becoming waterlogged. Less water means less damage by the frost.



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Dimensions 84 × 65 cm

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D84 X H65 cm, D69 X H52 cm, D46 X H33 cm