Taper 3 Ring Pot


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This large planter looks a lot like a standard ‘Bill and Ben’ flower pot. But the addition of 3 simple horizontal bands around its centre transform it into a more modern version, well suited to the more contemporary gardens we have nowadays, but without sacrificing any of its originality and charm.

Being as large as it is allows you to plant it with a greater range of shrubs and small trees. When you add the height of the plant, the combination can’t fail to be impressive, and will act as a focal point wherever it is placed in the garden.

Large pots are made in numerous countries around the world, but few of them are able to produce the strength in the final product that will allow it to be used outdoors. This pot is made in Vietnam where the local clays are very strong, and can be fired to 1000-1200 degrees centigrade at which point the pot becomes frost proof, and you can leave it outside in the winter.

Placing some drainage material at the bottom of the pot to stop the hole getting blocked, and to help the drainage is a good way of helping to increase the protection, as is using a good quality free draining compost to fill it.

By placing the planter on 3 pot feet, you will prevent it becoming waterlogged, and the extra height always increases the wow factor.


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Dimensions 79 × 56 cm

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D79 X H56 cm, D62 X H44 cm, D51 X H32 cm, D33 X H23 cm