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About Us

We supply traditional and tough – authentic clay pots that complete any garden.

These beautiful giant pots are not only robust but full of character. Handmade by skilled craftsmen, they are made from a dense, heavy clay in Southeast Asia which gives them a very strong and natural feel.

Each pot has been fired to over 1000 degrees celsius in a traditional wood burning kiln, giving the pots their warm and rustic appearance, as well as their weather-proof properties. In fact, provided that there is plenty of drainage material used in the bottom of the planter, they will withstand even the harshest winter.

You can really see the years of expertise that have gone into making these pots, and the techniques of the craftsmen involved. It is sadly an artform that is becoming increasingly rare, as new generations venture down new career paths, so we hope to stock and enjoy these unique pots for as long as possible.

There is a wide range of styles available as well as different sizes, and there is a collection for every kind of garden. From a simple cottage to a more formal par-terre, modern contemporary or old classical, these pots feel at home outside any home.