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At just over two and a half feet across, this large planter can easily be regarded as one of the ‘big boys’. There are few big pots that match its statistics for size. But size isn’t everything, the straight lines and simple rim make the design of the Hat pleasing, and its use in any garden will enhance the feel and planting scheme. Used individually with a large shrub or tree such as an olive or palm tree, ensure that the combination will stand head and shoulders above anything placed beside it and will become the focal point in that area of the garden.

It can also be used in pairs and placed out side a front door in urban town houses, or either side of a patios doors, or conservatories. They would also look great at the end of pathway to create a natural vista.

Big pots such as this one, are difficult to manufacture. Unless a strong clay is used, the weight of the material means the pot will collapse under its own weight, either when the clay is still wet, or in the kiln when it is fired.

The heavy dense clay and skills needed to do this are available in Vietnam where the potters have been making extra large pots for years, although the numbers of them doing so has reduced dramatically in the last 10 years or so. As with other fast developing countries, the youth of today are better educated, and more interested in working in an office than learning the skills that will mean they end up doing manual work for less money.

We are pleased to still be able to bring you this pot which is frost proof and will give you many years of trouble free pleasure as long as you remember to put plenty of drainage material at the bottom when planting it up, and a good quality compost. The addition of pot feet to stand it on, will aid drainage, and give extra protection as well as making the pot stand out.

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Dimensions 80 × 62 cm

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