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If you’re looking for a really big pot but can’t decide on which design to choose, then this would be a good option. Its clean lines, smooth curves style and simplicity will suit any type of garden from small country cottages to large rambling houses, urban and rural. Whatever you plant it up with, and wherever you decide to place it, its size will always make sure it will draw the eye, and become the focus of its surroundings.

Large pots are extremely difficult to make, and only a few countries have the necessary skills and materials to manufacture them. Vietnam is one of those countries, particularly in the south around Ho Chi Minh. There the a mix of the local clays is used to create a strong and dense product that when fired in the traditional wood fired kilns at around 1200 degrees centigrade, produces a pot that is frost proof. You can be confidant that this pot will withstand a winter in the UK.

Further protection can be gained by remembering to placing something over the holes in the bottom of the planter to prevent them becoming block, adding some drainage material such as broken crock or gravel before using a good quality compost to fill it up and plant the tree or shrub in. It is the water in any pot or container that causes winter damage, so making sure your pot is well drained is very important.

You can always place the pot on some decorative pot feet, which will not only make the overall look of the pot much better, but will also help the drainage and keep the bottom of the planter dry and so reduce the risk of damage in the winter.


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Dimensions 90 × 60 cm

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D90 X H60 cm, D63 X H47 cm, D50 X H38 cm