Tapered Square




The ceramic equivalent of the ‘Chelsea planter’ this large square pot is ideal for planting with any form of topiary. Planted with a ‘lollipop’ ball or spiral clipped buxus, and placed either side of a front door it has all the formality and style necessary for either a townhouse, or country garden. It could just as easily be used on a patio, and as some of the photos below show, it is well suited to a seasonal bedding mixture.

The pot itself is hand made in Vietnam by skilled potters with little or no more machinery used in the process. The clay is formed into shape with the use of a mould, and then fired in traditional wood burning kilns at very high temperature. The kilns reach 1000-1200 degrees centigrade, at which point the resulting pot becomes frost proof, and you can leave it outside in the winter.

Adding a good amount of broken pottery or stones to the bottom before filling with compost will give extra protection, as will raising the pot up off the ground using 3 pot feet. The extra height will make the pot look taller and add drama to the combination.

Additional information

Dimensions 60 × 59 cm

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D60 X H59 cm, D42 X H46 cm, D31 X H31 cm