Giant Pumpkin Bowl




Giant Pumpkin Bowl is a great name for this extra large planter. It’s large size, low profile and thickness make it really solid and very unlikely to blow over in anything but a storm force gale. The simple design of the flutes running from the base to the rim, and the 3 repeating ridges of the rim make it a pot that is easy on the eye.

Its diameter at over two and a half feet, means you can put a substantial plant or tree in it. You could also make a display of some seasonal bedding or spring bulbs. Whatever you do end up planting, its size ensures it will always become the centrepiece of the display.

The finish of the pot is slightly rough due to the fact it is entirely hand made. No machines are used to fabricate it, just the skill of artisans gained over years of making pots.

The material that goes into the pot is a mix of 3 local clays that are used due to their dense nature, and strength when fired. A weaker clay will not tolerate the high temperatures needed ( around 1200 degrees centigrade ) for the ceramic to achieve its frost proof characteristics, allowing you to be confident about leaving it outside in the winter.

Further protection can be gained by using good quality compost, plenty of broken crock in the bottom of the pot, and standing the pot on pot feet. This all help to keep the pot well drained reducing the risk of frost damage and creating a better growing environment for the plants.


Additional information

Dimensions 81 × 44 cm

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D81 X H44 cm, D65 X H27 cm, D52 X H28 cm