Azalea Bowl Rustic




As large planters go, this Azalea Bowl is up there with the biggest, the largest of which is 1 metre across. You could plant a whole garden in it! Whether it is seasonal bedding, or a year round display of bulbs, this planter will look great in any garden.

With a little effort, you can also use it as the basis for a water feature. It can be the sump that holds the water with a small pump creating a flow of water, or it can be the bowl itself, with water flowing over its sides, it looks great however you use it.

The planter is made in Vietnam from a dense, heavy clay that is then hand crafted by skilled potters and fired in traditional wood burning kilns. The temperatures reached are around 1200 degrees centigrade, which means the pot becomes frost proof, and you have peace of mind that you can leave your pot out in the worst of winter conditions, and it will be ok.

When planting up this bowl, be sure to use a good quality comps that is free draining. Also, place plenty of broken crock, gravel or drainage material at the bottom of the pot. This will give the best growing conditions for whatever you plant in it, and help to prolong the life of the pot.

You can also, place the pot on 3 decorative pot feet. This not only makes the pot look more attractive, but aids the drainage of the pot, especially in winter.



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Dimensions 100 × 45 cm

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D100 X H45 cm, D80 X H35 cm, D57 X H27 cm