Giant Monkey Jar




This giant pot is about as tall as they get at just short of 4 feet high. The smooth slender curves of its sides and lack or ornamentation give it its broad appeal. Planted up with any tree or shrub, its height will make it stand in either a simple, rural cottage garden, a more formal stately home, or just your average back garden.

It can of course look just as good without being planted up. It is big enough to hold its own as an ornament, plain and simple.

A pot this size takes a lot of work to make it. Without a mix of the 3 strong clays from Vietnam, it would simply collapse under its own weight before it could be fired. Sometimes, especially in the rainy season, (which is most of the time!), it can take days or even weeks to complete the process.

There are few machines used in the making of big planters like this which means only the most experienced potters have the knowledge build up the layers of clay, and then fire the pot in traditional wood burning kilns at around 1200 degrees centigrade. The high temperature and strong clay mean theft ia about as frost proof as you can get and you should be able to comfortably forget about it even in our winters.

Using a good quality compost and plenty of drainage material in the bottom of the pot will  also help to protect the pot, and at the same time, give the best chance for the plant to establish and then grow.

Putting the pot on pot feet, will make it look even more impressive, and has the added effect of keeping air circulating around the base of the pot and reducing further the risk of winter damage. Try them they look great.

Additional information

Dimensions 80 × 108 cm