Dimpled Vase




If you think you’ve seen this large pot before, that’s because similar versions of it have been around for decades if not centuries. It is a classical design and wherever it originated from, it is going to look great in any situation that you put it.

Quite often, this style of large planter is planted in identical pairs and then placed either side of a door way, a garden gate, or outside a conservatory. It’s also plenty big enough to be used singly and still hold its own.

The simple ‘dimple’ design means it will fit into any type of garden from a small back yard to a large country garden.

Whatever the origins of the design of this pot, this one is made in south east asia, Vietnam to be precise. It’s manufactured from a mixture of 3c local clays, each of which is heavy and dense, the resulting material is very strong. By the time it is fired in a traditional wood burning kiln at over 1200 degrees centigrade, the finished planter is frost proof. So you can feel secure in leaving it of doors in even the worst winter weather.

Putting the put up on 3 pot feet, will add to the winter protection as it keeps the bottom of the pot dry rather than sitting in water, which is what causes the damage. Not only that, but it makes the pot look great too.

Using a good quality pot compost also helps to keep the pot well drained, and that will help any plants to flourish and grow, as well as adding an extra layer of protection for the pot.



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Dimensions 70 × 70 cm

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D70 X H70 cm, D46 X H48 cm, D33 X H33 cm