Tall Cup




Height in a large pot is a great way of creating drama in a garden. At two and a half feet tall, this planter has plenty of height and will stand out above anything else wherever it is placed. Use that height to maximum advantage by placing either side of a doorway for instance, to draw the eye at the end of a pathway, or as part of a group of planted containers on a patio.

Hand made by skilled potters in Vietnam, the clay used is necessarily strong. If it weren’t, then in its wet form, it would collapse under its own weight, and in the kiln, it would fracture in the very high temperatures reached by the wood burning kilns. They need to reach 1000-1200 degrees centigrade in order to fully fire, and at that temperature, the pot becomes frost proof, meaning you can use it outdoors in the winter.

Because it is a large pot, it makes sense to play safe, so always use some drainage material such as broken pot or gravel at the bottom of the pot to stop the hole getting blocked. And then use a good quality free draining compost to fill it up.

Placing the pot on decorative pot feet, will allow the air to circulate underneath the pot keeping it dry. It will also add extra height to the pot making it stand out even more.


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Dimensions 65 × 77 cm

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D65 X H77 cm, D47 X H60 cm, D34 X H42 cm