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The simple repeating pattern of horizontal ribs on this large pot is what makes it so appealing. The design is neither classical nor modern, but the subtlety of its effect means it will suite any garden. It’s a versatile planter too, as its size allows it to be used with even large shrubs and modestly sized trees. The height gained when using big plants means it is relatively straightforward to create impact in your garden. Whether that is using the planted pot as part of a larger group of other planted up containers, or perhaps as a matching pair placed outside a doorway or conservatory doesn’t matter. It will still look impressive.

Most people automatically think of pots as coming from ancient Greece and or Italy. We all know what a common or garden flower pot looks like, and and the word ‘terracotta’ is Italian in origin. But in reality, most countries around the world have a history of making pots, if only to provide consumers with storage jars or for cooking. But there aren’t many countries that can make truly big pots. This is because you need a special type of clay for a big pot. It needs to be quite heavy, and dense in order to cope with the weight of a large pot when it is still wet. After that, it needs to be strong enough to withstand the very high temperatures needed to fire the pot in a kiln. The traditional Vietnamese wood burning kilns reach temperatures of 1000-1200 degrees centigrade. At this point most clays will crack and disintegrate. But to give any degrees of protection against the frost, that is the temperature that it needs to reach, and then you can be confidant about leaving it out a British winter.

The bigger the pot, the more sense to giving extra protection in the winter. One of the ways of doing this is to place something over the drainage hole in the bottom of the pot to stop it blocking. Then add some broken pottery or pea gravel before adding the compost. Also, placing the pot on pot feet will keep the whole thing well drained and make the pot look great.


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Dimensions 72 × 60 cm

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D72 X H60 cm, D53 X H46 cm, D33 X H32 cm