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A delightful motif of an Olive branch adorns this large pot. Although it may not look it, the largest size it is an impressive two feet tall, and two feet in diameter, so after it is planted up with a shrub, or small tree, it will really stand out in your garden.

It is made in Vietnam from a mix of local clays that due to their dense nature are ideal when throwing large planters. Weaker clays will collapse under their own weight once they reach a certain size. Also, if the clay is note strong enough, when fired to the required 1000-1200 degrees centigrade which gives first protection, they will shatter in the kiln.

When you come to plant any pot up, you should take care to use a good amount of drainage material in the bottom, and then a good quantity of compost. If you also stand the pot on some decorative pot feet, which will help the air circulate (and therefor reduce the water which causes the damage in the winter), that will give extra protection. It is a good way of increasing the height of the pot so it stands out more.


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Dimensions 60 × 62 cm

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D60 X H62 cm, D48 X H45 cm, D30 X H31 cm