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Fantastically stylish, this extra large planter has taken a lot of the elements of its design from the victorian pots available at the turn of the nineteenth century. But it is bigger, much bigger than anything that was available then, and although most countries around the world produce pots in some shape or form, very few of them are able to make the outsize planters that we have in our range.

That is because, you need a very strong clay, and a good degree of skill in order to do this. The area of southern Vietnam around Ho Chi Minh, has both the dense, strong clays, and the skilled potters to do this. They have been manufacturing large pots there for centuries although these were mainly storage pots for their domestic market. Over the last few decades, their skills have been used to produce wonderful garden pots for the worldwide export market.

The resulting pots are extremely tough, and are safe to use in most countries in the northern semi-sphere where the winters are harsh and outdoor pots need to be frost-proof. The fact that the clay itself is very strong, and the pots are fired in traditional wood burning kilns to 1000-1200 degrees centigrade mean that the finished article is very frost proof. You can be sure that in all but the most severe winter, your pot will be safe outside.

Using a quality compost and plenty of broken crock or other drainage material will help the drainage and provide a good growing medium for the plant. Additionally, raising the pot up off the floor on decorative pot feet, will increase the drainage and make the pot look great at the same time. Try it!

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Dimensions 76 × 72 cm

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D76 X H72 cm, D58 X H52 cm, D44 X H40 cm