Hanoi Old Stone




This extra large planter not only has beautiful clean lines, but the surface finish has been made to imitate weathered stone – hence the name ‘old stone’. The material that the pot is made from is a mix of 3 clays local to south Vietnam, which produces a very dense and strong ceramic which is capable of having the surface sad blasted away to reveal the warm aggregate underneath and thus mimicking a solid stone planter.

The Hanoi pot, (named after the capital city of Vietnam) is one of the largest available, and will easily be able to take a medium to large sized tree or shrub, and is often used for olive trees, and palm trees to great effect.

The skills required to first of mix the clays, then to form them into the very large sized pots the area is renowned for, and finally to fire them in traditional wood burning kilns takes years to acquire. Without these skills, the large pots would simply collapse under the weight of the clay.

The strong ceramic that is produced is ideal for the harsh climate in the northern semi-sphere, so you can leave them outside without worrying too much about the weather.

For added protection, use a good quality compost, and plenty of drainage material in the bottom when planting it up.

You can also help by standing the pot on some pot feet, which will allow the air to circulate underneath the pot, helping to keep it from getting water-logged, and providing the best growing conditions for the plant ensuring it will establish quickly, and continue to grow. Not only that, but the pot feet make the pot look really good.


Additional information

Dimensions 90 × 60 cm

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D90 X H60 cm, D63 X H47 cm, D50 X H38 cm