Georgian Pot




The simple design of this very large planter is attractive in whatever setting its used. Its classic use of slender lines and shallow curves delights the eye and allows it to blend in to any garden design. Although they are as tall as they are wide, their shape makes them look slightly taller. This gives you the best of both worlds in that you get the stability of a wide, stocky pot, but the good looks and natural proportions of one which is pleasing when planted up.

The pot is made by skilled craftsmen in southern Vietnam. The mix of 3 clays are local to the area around Ho Chi Minh, and are very dense and strong,  and produce a really tough pot when fired to 1000-2000 degrees centigrade in the traditional wood burning kilns. There is a great deal of skill required at each stage of the process from mixing the clays, to forming the wet clay into a pot, and then firing the kiln. Few if any machines are used throughout.

Extra large pots require plenty of protection and it is always worth planting them up with a good quality compost, and ensuring plenty of drainage material is placed in the bottom of the pot. This can be any bits of broken ceramic that may be lying around, stones or pea gravel or polystyrene packaging broken up in to little bits. The free draining of the pot is also important to create good conditions for the plant to establish and grow in.

Using some pot feet to lift the pot off the ground adds more appeal to the final potted combination, and really helps the drainage in the winter when keeping the bottom of the pot dry is important.


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Dimensions 69 × 69 cm

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D69 X H69 cm, D50 X H55 cm, D33 X H44 cm