Fleur De Lys




Few large planters are as quintessentially English as this Fleur De Lys, so named after the motif emblazoned on two sides. The classic design of this pot demands a classic setting, possibly in a rural country garden setting, or maybe in the front garden of a townhouse, the possibilities are endless. Planting it up with a formal clipped piece of topiary would look great, but you could just as easily use it for an olive tree, or any other large tree or shrub. A pair of these outside your front door with some seasonal bedding, or spring bulbs would look fabulous too.

The planter itself is made in Vietnam and takes a lot of skill, the potters that make them take years to gain the necessary experience. The blend of 3 clays it’s constructed from result in a dense heavy material that when fired in traditional wood burning kilns, gives a strong, frost proof ceramic that will easily withstand all but the harshest of UK winters. Extra protection can be gained by the use of a quality compost, and plenty of drainage material at the bottom of the pot when planting up. Use bits of broken pottery, to cover the drainage holes in the pot, and then place a good amount of pea-gravel, more crock, or polystyrene beads before putting in the compost.

For a real belt and braces job, place the pot on 3 decorative pot feet. This ensures the bottom of the pot is kept dry, the pot itself drains freely, and it will help the plant establish and grow readily. Of course, it does make the pot look great as well!


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Dimensions 66 × 55 cm

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D66 X H55 cm, D50 X H42 cm, D42 X H32 cm