Egyptian Vase




The grand-daddy of planters, this extra large pot will take even the largest of trees or shrubs. At around 1 metre in diameter, there aren’t many pots that can compete with it on size. It is a statement pice in its own right, and needs nothing other than a nice big plant to make it stand out. Typically, it is used for olive trees, palms any other mature trees or shrubs. By assured, that whatever you end up putting into it, it will be the focal point in your garden.

Made in Vietnam, this large planter is exceptionally strong in its construction as well as its size. The material it is made from is a mix of clays from the delta in the region that it comes from. The dense nature of the clays and the high firing temperature of around 1200 degrees centigrade results in a pot that is frost-proof. You are secure in the knowledge that this pot will take whatever our winters can throw at it.

For extra effect, why not place it on 3 decorative pot feet which will not only make it look good, but helps with the drainage of the pot and therefor give added protection in the winter. Also, use a quality bag of compost when filling the pot, and remember to use something in the bottom of the pot to aid drainage. Usually, this is something like broken pieces of pot (crock), or gravel, or if not, then you can use pieces of broken up polystyrene. Just make sure the drainage holes in the bottom of the pot aren’t blocked.



Additional information

Dimensions 100 × 83 cm