Drip Urn


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This extra large planter is a work of art. Its simple shape and clean lines are complimented by a hand finished glaze, dripped around its top. Great as just an ornament or planted up with a ‘specimen’ shrub will help to make it a statement piece in your garden. Use it with a cluster of other pots and containers, its height, means it will act as a focal point to draw peoples eyes to it.

There are no machines used in the manufacture of this pot, it is all done completely by hand. The potters making them, have gained the necessary skills over years and sometimes decades. Skill is required to mix the blend of 3 clays that make up the base for the ceramic used. Skill to shape and create the wet clay into the large pots that the area of south Vietnam is known for, and skill to fire the urn in traditional wood burning kilns. The temperature reached in these kilns is around 1000-1200 degrees centigrade which, along with the strong clay, makes the piece frost proof. So you can pretty much forget about it in all but the most severe of our winters.

Added protection can be gained by using a well known compost, and adding a good layer of drainage material at the bottom. This can be other pieces of broken pottery, brick rubble or stones, or polystyrene beads. Make sure the holes in the bottom of the pot won’t get blocked.

Standing the pot on 3 pot feet will allow the air to circulate and help the drainage. It will also aid the environment for the plant, meaning it will grow more quickly and be more vigorous.


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Dimensions 70 × 84 cm