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No guesses for where you’ve seen this giant pot before. If any of you have holidayed in Italy, you will almost certainly have come across this design there. Although it will probably have been made from terracotta. Terracotta is fine for southern mediterranean climates, but is not particularly well suited to our harsh British winters.

These pots are made in southern Vietnam from a mixture of 3 local clays. The result is heavy dense clay that when fired in the traditional wood burning kilns at over 1200 degrees centigrade, produces a pot that is to all intents and purposes frost proof. You can out it outside and forget about it even in the winter. Not something you can do with terracotta!

If you want to be extra sure about looking after your pot, use a good quality compost to fill it, and make sure you put plenty of drainage material in the bottom. Use pea gravel, broken crock, or bits of old polystyrene, that way it will make sure there is no excess water in the pot which gives a better growing medium for the plant, and prevents damage from winter frosts.

You can also put the pot up on decorative feet to help the drainage, not only that, but the pot looks great sat on them too!

If you’re using this pot, it’s classic origins mean you should think about planting it with something mediterranean. Shaped box in any form, or maybe a bay tree, or what about some rosemary . For those with a slightly bigger budget, you could try an olive tree.

Placed in matching pairs at the end of a path creates a wonderful vista, or singly a part of a grouping of other pots or planted containers, it’s height will make it stand out amongst the others.

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Dimensions 70 × 60 cm

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