Cylinder Pot




There’s nothing complicated about this large planter. It does what it says on the tin! Straight sides and clean lines come from the classic Italian style that it is based upon. Not only is it large but it is chunky, and that means it is more stable than most pots and won’t blow over easily in a strong wind.

Large pots like this are eminently suitable for any kind of topiary from a plain buxom ball, to a gorgeous spiral, or more common ‘lollipop’ bay tree.

Used in pairs, there formality means they will compliment a structured garden design, one with straight lines, borders or perhaps a patio. They can of course also be used in less formal surroundings such as a rural  cottage garden, or small back yard.

The strength of design is echoed in the robust nature of the materials the large pot is made from. The material used is a mixture of 3 clays local to the area of south Vietnam near No Chi Minh. The clays are course and dense and when fired in the traditional wood burning kilns at a temperature of around 1200 degrees centigrade, make the pot about as frost proof as you can get.

When planting it up though, it always pays to give that bit of extra protection that you will get by using a good quality compost, and plenty of drainage material such as pea-gravel, born crock, or polystyrene pieces in the bottom. That will really help the drainage particularly in the winter months.

Using 3 pot feet, will also help the drainage, and has the added benefit of making the pot look even better. It is one of those finishing touches that helps create a better overall effect. Try it!!

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Dimensions 73 × 48 cm

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D73 X H48 cm, D57 X H41 cm, D43 X H33 cm