Crete Jar


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This large planter is shaped similarly to a design in use for thousands of years all over the mediterranean, but is closely linked to Crete – hence the name. They were utilitarian in nature, used for the storage of liquids, especially olive oil.

Nowadays of course, we use them for decorative purposes because we like the way they look. You can of course use them to plant up, but the size of this pot in particular means it can be used just as it is. Should you be lucky enough to have a patio, or perhaps a swimming pool, then this pot looks great placed around the edge.

The pot itself is made in Vietnam, by skilled artisans who have crafted their technique over years in order to achieve an authentic look and feel. The clay is a mixture from 3 local sources and is dense, heavy and very tough, particularly when fired on the traditional wood burning kilns that produce temperatures of 1200 degrees centigrade. The end result is a pot that is frost-proof and one you can al but forget about even in the harsh UK climate.

You can help to protect against the ravages of winter when planting it up, by placing plenty of drainage material in the bottom of the pot. This can be broken crock, pea-gravel, or any other drainage material. Always be sure to use a good quality free-draining compost as well.

The use of 3 decorative pot feet, will add to the appeal of the planter, and will further enhance the protection against damage.



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Dimensions 71 × 74 cm