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It’s pretty obvious where this giant of a pot gets its name – smooth sides, a ‘snub nosed’ base, and its huge size means this planter really stands out. The tall height might lead you to think that it is not very wide, but that would be misleading. The largest size is in fact well over 2 feet wide which means it will be suitable for really large plants. Its height also means it looks great planted in pairs either side of doors!

The clean and contemporary lines of this large pot allow it to look fabulous in any style of garden design, from traditional to modern.

Craftsmen with years of experience use a mix of 3 local clays to hand make this pot. They then fire it in a traditional manner, in wood fired kilns, reaching temperatures of 1200 degrees centigrade. The dense, strong clay and high firing temperature mean the planter is frost-proof, and should withstand our harsh winters without much problem.

When planting up the pot, ensure you use a quality compost, plenty of crock or pea gravel, and that way, it will give whatever you plant in it, a good growing environment, and also help with extra drainage.



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Dimensions 69 × 84 cm

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D69 X H84 cm, D57 X H67 cm, D46 X H57 cm, D36 X H47 cm